Pre-press Services

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XML & SGML Management
LSPL has in-depth knowledge and experience of converting unstructured data into valid structured mark-up format. We specialize in HTML, SGML and XML including NITF, NewsML, XMLNews, TEI-Tite and EAD. At LSPL, each project is custom-developed by examining the customer’s needs and applying a suitable approach for conversion. We provide client-tailored conversion solutions; such as, converting legacy data to XML or SGML as per the specified DTD. We have extensive experience in encoding character sets in many languages.

MathML, TeX and LaTeX Conversions
Digitization of mathematical/scientific content, and its eventual application has special problems. For example, such content includes many technical characters, symbols, and notation such as mathematical formulae, figures and tables, putting them beyond the capabilities of standard OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Our data analyzing team will prepare job specific processes and instructions using MathML, TeX and LaTeX to convert complex content into mark-up languages viz. SGML, HTML, XML or other Word processing formats as per your requirement.

DTD Consultation
Our DTD (Document Type Definition) and Schema development specialists fulfill needs for both print and electronic publishing. From analyzing your project requirements to developing, refining and documenting the DTD or schema, we create well-structured, efficient and dynamic end-products.

PDF Solutions
The PDF format has gained its popularity both on-line and off-line because of its easy editability, searchability and support for a wide variety of fonts and layouts. LSPL has its core competency in data conversion into Portable Document format. We employ the best tools and technology to convert content in a variety of digital files like MS Word documents, HTML, Excel sheets, Text files into editable and searchable PDF. PDF conversion services includes:

  • Book Cover Designing & Modification
  • Binder Generation & Bookmarking
  • Vector Image Generation
  • Novel Type or Ancient Book Images to Web-Ready PDFs

OCR Solutions
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a method by which scanned printed material on paper is converted into digital texts. LSPL has the required skills and technology to deliver high quality OCR output of printed source matter.
Keeping in mind the high amount of data being generated in the business world and the need for them to be processed quickly, safely and efficiently; LSPL has the capability to customize OCR services according to your needs. The OCR scanner recognizes different page layouts, font styles, symbols, languages etc. This ensures a high quality OCR conversion.

Data Entry
In the modern world, data entry is the fundamental and most indispensable internal function of every business firm, organization and service provider. It is an exceptionally vital area of LSPL expertise that will help you boost the performance standard and competence. We provide data entry services for all kinds of textual data capturing from printed matter, manuscripts, scanned images, web research, online data entry, offline data entry and many more.

Scanning Solutions
LSPL is one of the most preferred and sought after companies for scanning and imaging work in the Eastern Region of India. We offer end-to-end document scanning and imaging solutions using latest OCR technology. Our scanning solutions meet print and web-ready requirements, where scanning resolutions range from 72 to 1200 dpi, with output formats like TIFF, PNG, JPEG, SVG, EPS, GIF and others. To support, we have a wide rainbow of Photo Quality, ADF, Book Scanners and Flat-Bed Scanners in our facility.



Participation in New Delhi Global Book Fair 2015

Learning Spiral team gladly announces their participation in New Delhi Global Book Fair 2015 : Hall No. 14 and Stall No. 67 All industry friends are most welcome to our stall… Representatives: Mr. Krishan Mohta, Director Mr. Manish Mohta, Director Mr. Deb Kumar Nandy, Senior Manager – Marketing THANK YOU!